Bring your story to life.

At Sunshine Press, we have an innovative approach to getting your book published. Eliminating the stress of traditional publishing, we make the process simple and painless. 

You're busy and don't know where to start, so our team of high end professionals will take care of the details. We will guide you through every step of your journey.  While we do the hard work, you can focus on creating, living, your family and your career. 

Your story brought to life.
Sunshine Press is a boutique publishing company designed to eliminate the complexity the publishing world has created.

We take the stress out of publishing while allowing the author to contribute on cover design, marketing and distribution. Our team of experts will produce a book the reader will want to purchase and that which is most congruent with your vision.

With Sunshine Press you’ll get TLC. You are a collaborator and not a number. You’ll receive more attention from the editor, designer and owner.

How we are unique:

●You own all your rights and royalties

 ●You’ll have a professional grade book

 ●Simple, straight forward communication and options

 ●Full service, flexible packages

Sunshine Press

When you write your book, you'll find life changes drastically. People look at you different. They trust what you say, they have an increased respect for you. It's no easy feat to publish for most people. You'll find your confidence sours. You can choose to get paid to speak. You'll find that you'll have a profound impact on other people's lives. You will be a leader. 

Make your mark on the world. 

Sunshine Press write your book

It's time to write your book.

When you publish a book, you then have a physical gift to share with the world. A profound impact on other people's lives. 

Why haven't you published your book yet? 

We get these questions below quite a bit. Sound familiar? 

What if no one wants to hear my story?

But what if they did?

What if your story changed the life of just one person? Or entertained one person? Brought joy to one person? Or, what if you did it for YOU and not for anyone else?

What if my idea is not good?

What if it's brilliant and you are not giving yourself enough credit? Or what if our team can help polish up your idea to make it truly shine??

What if I don't have time to write my book?

You have the dream and the idea, and we can bring it to fruition. Just a few recorded phone calls, interviews and emails and we'll hand you a beautiful book.

What about tradional publishing?

The publishing world is evolving. By breaking free of the gatekeepers, people with self determination are empowered to take their work to the next level themselves. This publishing movement frees us to create high quality work and eliminates traditional hurdles. Becoming part of the evolving publishing industry will shape what it becomes in the future.  We are proud to be a part of the evolution. We at Sunshine Press believe the indie movement is a powerful catalyst for creative innovation. It is a chance to hear new voices and perspectives.

We don't produce books just to produce. We believe in creating work of the highest quality. Creators working with us will have more control over their craft, which we believe is important to their creative process. The industry today dictates that authors be entrepreneurs as well by monetarily supporting themselves and promoting their own work. Not only that, the major publishing houses have made it more difficult than ever to get published. By eliminating the added stress, Sunshine Press gives you your autonomy and creative control.

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Sunshine Press write your book

It's time to write your book

We are not born to be mediocre, it's time to stand out

Why fit in, when you can stand out?

81% of Americans feel that they have a book in them 
97% Of writers don't finish their book
20% of people who write a book, actually publish it

So let's say the U.S. population is roughly 326,581,536 people (as of July 2017). 81% of that is 264,531,044 Americans want to write a book....

That's roughly 0.001% of American's that follow through on their dream of authorship.


As of 2013 there are only about 300,000 books published per year. For the sake of generality, let's say that's one book per person. That's roughly 0.001% of American's that follow through on their dream of authorship. (0.001134083% to be exact). One thousandth of a percent of Americans actually publish their book.

Don't like math? That's ok. The moral of the story is most people want to write a book, but don't have the guts to do it. We help with that. We'll give you the guts, we'll attend to the tedious tasks, we'll take your story and bring it to life!

We are not born to be mediocre, it's time to stand out from the crowd!


Sunshine Press is a publishing company founded and operated by Gretchen Stewart.  She created it as an outlet to empower herself and other driven authors to produce life changing books without the complexity of major publishing houses.

By eliminating the stress of uber exclusive gatekeepers, we are able to focus on creating unique, powerful works of art with our words and stories. 

Our purpose is spreading joy through our books.

The Sunshine Press Base Package


Book cover design: Our team will create a book cover that readers will want to buy

Editing: Copyediting by professional editors to polish up your manuscript to make it ready for publication 

Proofreading: All edited manuscripts go through a professional proofreader for errors in spelling, word choice, grammar, punctuation, and English usage

Interior layout (Ebook and paperback): We ensure a professional and organized layout

Distribution and royalty set up: We set up all your distributor/retailer accounts in your name. That means you own all the content and all the royalties.

Paperback creation and distribution: Your book will be available in paperback print-on-demand format, and placed with the Ingram Content Group for distribution. Ingram distribution assures that your book is available for purchase at physical retailers (such as Barnes & Noble) and libraries worldwide.

Publishing Imprint creation: Your book will be published either under Sunshine Press or under a custom imprint.

Ebook creation and distribution: Your book will be designed for digital consumption. It will be released on all major platforms — Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes/iBooks, Google Books, and Kobo.

Copyrighting and cataloging:  Your manuscript will be registered with the United States copyright office and filed with the Library of Congress. Your book will also be registered in Bowker’s Books In Print database and will include all ISBN, Bar, and BISAC codes necessary for retail distribution.

Image inclusion: We can include up to 10 images you provide

Craft bio and book description: Our team will help make it professional and interesting.


Add-ons (vary based on book size)


  • Developmental editing: $1k+
    Our developmental editor will find the right direction for your manuscript. They focus on the structure and content of your book.

  • Hardcover: $500+
    Additional cover and internal design needed for hardcover books

  • Long books (75,000+ words): Overall price increases $200 per 25,000 words

  • Ghostwriter: $10k+
    Our ghostwriter will interview you and write your book for you. You get credit for the work, the book is published under your name.

  • Children’s book illustrations: $2k+
    Our team of designers will illustrate your children's book. Fee is decided when the length and direction of the book is determined.

  • Marketing packages: Custom packages. We can discuss your vision and how much marketing you require. You may add this later as the book is in development phase.

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